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POM codes (all FORTRAN)

(1D Mellor-Yamada Ocean Boundary Layer model)

(simplest 3D POM)

(general-coordinates-system; Ezer-Mellor)


(SIT code; A. Blumberg)

(Wetting-And-Drying; L. Oey)

(Wave model; Mellor-Donelan)

(Sea-ice, NASA/Goddard; S. Hakkinen)

(Stony Brook MPI code; A. Jordi/D.P. Wang)

(Grid generation & data initialization)

(rivers, BCs, vorticity, plotting, etc.)

Registration: codes are free and available for download, but please send email to T.Ezer with subject: "New POM user" with your institute information and how you plan to use POM.

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