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IWMO meetings

13th IWMO-2023: June 27-30, Hamburg, Germany

12th IWMO-2022: June 28-July 1, Ann Arbor, USA

11th IWMO-2019: June 17-20, Wuxi, China

10th IWMO-2018: June 25-28, Santos, Brazil

9th IWMO-2017: July 3-6, 2017, Seoul, South Korea

8th IWMO-2016: June 7-10, Bologna, Italy

7th IWMO-2015: June 1-5, Canberra, Australia

6th IWMO-2014: June 23-27, Halifax, Canada

5th IWMO-2013: June 17-20, Bergen, Norway

4th IWMO-2012: May 21-24, Yokohama, Japan

3rd IWMO-2011: June 6-9, Qingdao, China

2nd IWMO-2010: May 24-26, Norfolk, VA, USA

1st IWMO-2009: February, 23-26, Taipei, Taiwan

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